Elfsoft Home Geometry Warmups Slides

Math Worksheets in Batches

Some students routinely copy off others and probably have been doing so their whole lives. The best way to prevent this is to provide each student with a different set of problems, not just the same problems in a different order, but problems with different answers.

The following are PDF files, each containing 25 sets of problems, with the answers on the last page(s).


Criss Cross Game Find two integers given their product and sum.
Preparatory skill for factoring quadratic polynomials.

More Criss Cross Bigger numbers.


Evaluating Expressions Includes polynomials, square roots and exponents of 10.

Coordinate Pairs Match to points on graph.

Graph Lines from Points Mark points using x,y coordinates.

Linear Graphs Graph to slope-intercept form and standard form to graph.

Algebraic Properties Match name to definition.

Simplifying Linear Expressions

Linear Functions Function notation.

Solving Linear Equations

Inequalities Symbol definitions, word problems and number line. (2 pages)

Multiplying Polynomials Binomials and quadratics.

Dividing Polynomials

Factoring Qradratic Polynomials

Solving Qradratic Equations Real solutions only.

TI Calculators

ABC's of STATPLOT Draw letters of the alphabet.

Elfsoft Home Geometry Warmups Slides

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