Elfsoft Home Algebra Warmups Slides

Geometry Worksheets in Batches

Some students routinely copy off others and probably have been doing so their whole lives. The best way to prevent this is to provide each student with a different set of problems, not just the same problems in a different order, but problems with different answers.

The following are PDF files, each containing 25 sets of problems, with the answers on the last page(s).


Basic Geometry Terms Match term, description, symbol and picture. (Point, Line, Plane, Ray and Segment)

All the Angles Match names to examples (acute, linear pair, etc.).

Measure the World Add and subtract lengths and angles. Some algebra.

Coordinate Geometry Compute slopes and distances.

Know Your Polygons Match names to pictures.

Properties, Postulates and Definitions Match name to description.

Transversal Match pairs of angles to name of relationship.

Know Your Triangles Match classification to picture.

Right or Wrong Coordinate test for a right triangle.

Congruent Triangles Match theorem to method of proof. Also includes a coordinate SSS check.

Elfsoft Home Algebra Warmups Slides

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