Elfsoft Home Algebra Geometry Warmups

Math Slide Shows

The following are PDF files for use with Adobe Reader. They are currently set for a 4x3 aspect ratio and black letters on gray background, but this can easily be changed.


Stuff You Should Already Know (by ninth grade).

Why Learn Math?

Word Problems

Introduction to Algebra Simplifying linear and quadratic expressions.

Simplifying Equations

Computing Square Roots using Sequential approximation

Box Method for Polynomial Multiplication and Division

Is the Square Root of 2 Irrational?


Introduction to Geometry

Euclidean Geometry

How do we know what we know? (proofs)

Algebra II

Imaginary and Complex Numbers

Complex Numbers and Polar Coordinates


Angle Addition Formula Derivation


Introduction to Graphics Calculators

Graphics Calculators and Multiple Choice

Tic Tac Toe The final word.

Chess Basics

Elfsoft Home Algebra Geometry Warmups

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