John J. Kormylo Ph.D.
work history at
Exxon Production Research Co.
(now ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co.)

Research Specialist (1984-1990)

Reduced time to read SEG-Y tapes on Apollo work stations from 4 hours/reel to 45 minutes/reel.

Documented and enhanced purchased code for interactive refraction statics picking.

Developed program for computing refraction statics for 3D surveys.

Provided algorithm support for land edit and beam steeting projects.

Researched surface consistent phase estimation and linear regression stacking.

Senior Research Engineer (1981-1984)

Developed algorithm and software for surface consistent refraction statics (considered to be one of Exxon's competitive advantages).

Developed programs for surface consisten deconvolution and FK spectral plotting.

Developed general 2D filter design which did not suffer from artifacts common in previous dip filter programs.

Research Engineer (1979-1981)

Developed reduced stretch NMO algorithm.

Investigated various statistical methods for weighted stacking.

Continued doctoral research in maximum likelihood deconvolution.

Documented techniques used during six month tour of duty with data processing center.

Company Courses

Special Techniques in C programming
Introduction to X Windows
Advanced C Programming
DOMAIN/IX Programming System V
Getting started with your DOMAIN/IX System
Computer Mapping School
Seismic Identification of Hydrocarbons Workshop
Fundamentals of Structural Analysis
Wave Equation Processes
Advanced Seismic Modeling
Velocity Analysis Workshop
Velocity & Modeling Interpretation School
Seismic Field Techniques
Basic Geophysical Interpretation School
Exploration Application of Well Logs School
FORTRAN Programming on the CRAY-1
Introduction to Geology School