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Information Theory

LZA Data Compression.
JK1 Encryption.

Perfect Hashing

Packed Hash.
Packing a Packed Hash.
Minimum RAM Dictionary.
Perfect Hash Dictionary.
Indexed Dictionary.


Cheap Cheap Tricks for CircuiTikz.
Easy An easy way to create your own circuitikz symbols.
Multipole Creating multipole circuit components for circuitikz.
Bipole Creating bipole circuit components for circuitikz.
LaTeX Source code for new components.
speaker british current source american voltage source motor batteryN meter npn2 ADV dADC hgate cnot ugates dashpot (mechanical) 8 pin dip 14 pin dip 16 pin dip 28 pin dip 64 lead quad flat package

A Pseudo-Random Number Generator for LaTeX

User Manual
See also lcg package and tikz package